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Our new magazine is bigger and better than ever!

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Are Your Kids Caffeinated?

Find out why caffeine and kids don’t mix. Read more

Encounters with Art

Art is a natural part of our world. Explore art with your ch... Read more

Building Our World: Women Arc…

Meet local women who are paving the way to careers in archit... Read more

Chatting About Online Safety

Nowadays kids of all ages are connecting with friends and fa... Read more

Top 9 Things To Do in Roanoke

Check out these nine ways to have fun in Roanoke. Read more

Why Yoga is Good for Kids

Little Cecilia Kocan, age 5, sat perfectly still, meditating... Read more

Saddle up for Adventure

Hands forward, knees bent, and ready to go, 12-year-old A.J... Read more

Why Manners Matter

Start your children on the right foot by teaching them manne... Read more

Family + Sports = Fun

Fitness starts early—from a child’s first steps! When Mom an... Read more

Nuts About Nuts

Holiday vacation time is approaching, and I already feel lik... Read more

The Dirt on Dirt

“Don’t track mud in the house!” “Wash your hands before din... Read more

Enchanting Puerto Rico

Sometimes light, sometimes a little more intense, the warm r... Read more

Hit the Slopes in Canaan Vall…

Skiing is challenging for me, but my kids absolutely love it... Read more

Pop Over to London

As Americans we are linked to Britain in many ways, includin... Read more

Growing Up Gardening

Finding time to play outside is a challenge for today’s chil... Read more

A Salute to Special Olympics

Last December Cierra Winn swept her long chestnut hair over ... Read more

Reeling in Summer Fun

The sun shimmers on the water, glinting on a thin fishing li... Read more

Put an End to Bullying

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged ... Read more

Walking the Middle Path

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a relatively new appro... Read more

Changing for the Better

Early on a recent Sunday morning near Kids’ Cove at Mount Tr... Read more

Chasing the Future

Four-year-old Andrew Davis eagerly ran inside his house afte... Read more

Zits for Grown-Ups

Cafeteria cliques may be a distant memory, but if you’re sti... Read more

Take a Hike!

A quiet trail winds among towering trees behind Chesapeake A... Read more

Cozy Mystic, Connecticut

The first time I saw a beluga whale, he smiled at me and win... Read more

Doulas on Duty

You’re a few months along in your pregnancy and beginning to... Read more

TF Health: Your Kids & You

Breakfast for Champions

11-01-2021 Nutrition

Start your day off right with these easy breakfast tips Read more

Raising the Gifted Child

11-01-2021 Growing Up

Find out what makes your gifted child tick. Read more

Flu and Pregnancy

11-01-2021 Health

Flu shots can save your life—and your baby’s. Read more

Taking Care of a New Pet

10-01-2021 Growing Up

Follow these tips to ensure your pet is happy and healthy! Read more

Common Respiratory Virus: RSV

10-01-2021 Health

Learn about this infectious virus that targets young children. Read more

What Your Body is Telling You

10-01-2021 Behavior

Find out how your body’s energy helps you heal. Read more

Bonds & Boundaries

10-01-2021 Health

Finding the balance between us and them. Read more

Food Safety During Pregnancy

10-01-2021 Health

Take precautions with your diet for your safety and your baby’s. Read more

Dealing with Diaper Rash

09-01-2021 Health

Is diaper rash the sign of a bad parent? Read more

Lessons From Simone

09-01-2021 Health

What we can learn from Simone Biles Read more

Painful Bumps May be HS

09-01-2021 Health

Ask your doctor about hidradenitis suppurativa. Read more

Psychological Defenses

08-01-2021 Behavior

Find out the difference between mature and immature defenses. Read more

8 Dangers at the Beach

08-01-2021 Safety

Heed these safety tips when you head to the beach. Read more

Screening for Colon Cancer

08-01-2021 Health

Here are the latest recommendations for colon screenings. Read more

How To Treat Swimmer's Ear

08-01-2021 Health

Plus tips for preventing this painful condition Read more

8 Ways to Handle a Bad Day

07-01-2021 Behavior

Here’s how to lift yourself out of a bad mood. Read more

TF Travel: Let's Go

Getting to Know Germany

11-01-2021 European Travel

Peggy discovers the country of her ancestors. Read more

Chesapeake Bay Adventure

09-01-2021 Day Trips

Going with the flow when things don’t go your way. Read more

Top 9 Things To Do in Roanoke

08-01-2021 Day Trips

Check out these nine ways to have fun in Roanoke. Read more

Find Yourself in Costa Rica

07-01-2021 World Travel

Why you too will fall in love with Costa Rica. Read more

Soak in Serenity at Hacienda Oro…

06-02-2021 World Travel

A peaceful Escape to Hacienda Orosi in Costa Rica Read more

Costa Rica Adventure: Part 2

06-01-2021 World Travel

Find paradise in Costa Rica. Read more

Costa Rica is Pura Vida: Pt. 1

05-01-2021 World Travel

From volcanoes to rainforests, these luxury Costa Rican hotels have it all. Read more

Cancun Rhythms

04-01-2021 World Travel

Discover this soul-stirring corner of Mexico. Read more

Travel Trends for 2021

03-01-2021 United States Travel

Everyone’s anxious to travel again. Here’s what to expect in 2021. Read more

Exploring Florida's Wild Side

02-01-2021 United States Travel

Discover another side to Florida where cowboys and cowgirls rule! Read more

The Birthplace of Ikea

01-01-2021 European Travel

Take a trip to the forests of Sweden where this iconic brand was born. Read more

Irresistible New Orleans

12-01-2020 United States Travel

Fling away your cares and treat yourself to NOLA this holiday season. Read more

Find Your Happy in Charlottesvil…

11-01-2020 United States Travel

Escape from the new normal for some good times in Charlottesville. Read more

Let's Go Hiking

10-01-2020 Day Trips

Here are five family-friendly hikes to check off this fall. Read more

Vacation in Your Backyard

09-01-2020 Day Trips

Itching to travel? You can. Just head for the beach, where tons of fun awaits! Read more

Set Sail for Annapolis

08-01-2020 United States Travel

Escape to this nearby gem of a town!  Read more

TF Fun: Explore Your World

In Pursuit of Happiness

10-01-2021 Enrichment

Learn why regular effort can help you be a happy person. Read more

Hip-Hop Happiness

09-01-2021 Arts

Local kids and teachers groove to the coolest dance craze. Read more

Why Math Matters

09-01-2021 Enrichment

Why math practice can lead to your child’s success. Read more

Why Preschoolers Need to Play

09-01-2021 Enrichment

Is unstructured play important for your child’s development? Read more

Parent Tips

Life's Short

11-01-2021 Take Five

What one thing makes you happy? Read more

Thanks for Caring

10-01-2021 Take Five

Here’s why we should strive to brighten someone’s day. Read more

Put Down Your Phone

09-01-2021 Take Five

How long does it take to break an addiction? Read more

Be Happy

08-01-2021 Take Five

Here’s why you should leave your worries behind Read more