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Just an hour away six European countries await, and there’s no passport needed. Busch Gardens® Williamsburg is an action-packed adventure park with 17th-century charm and...
Judy listened nervously as her seven-year-old son and five-year-old niece began what she was sure would turn into an argument ending in tears. “I want...
Kevin Wilkinson, a recently retired Coast Guard officer and a trained engineer, is among the thousands of volunteers in Hampton Roads who proudly wears the...
Art can have a life-changing positive impact on childhood development. I know because it happened to me. I was born with health issues and often...
Every day parents have to make decisions that will affect their children’s lives for years to come every day. Decisions run the gamut—from what school...
Summer is almost here, and already UVA and UVB rays are getting stronger. While most of us love being out in the sun as we...
Every summer, Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) offers over 150 youths ages 14-17 the opportunity to serve in Virginia State Parks. The teens live in the...
Dear Friends, I was lucky to grow up on the shores of Sandbridge, a small beach community south of Virginia Beach. Today few empty lots are...
Hands forward, knees bent, and ready to go, 12-year-old A.J. Galiotos flies over the jump mounted on his favorite horse, Mr. Pony. A.J. started riding...
This is the time of year that families think about the end of school, summer activities, and even the beginning of the next school year. With...