Editorial Calendar


Happy New Year!  Make sure this is your family’s best year ever. Explore enriching activities for your children and find the perfect school to meet their needs.

January features: Enrichment Guide, Pre-K/Private School Guide.


Welcome, baby! Discover the best local care for pregnant moms and newborns. 

February features: Pregnancy and Childbirth, Birth and Baby Guide


Exceptional children have special needs, and Tidewater Family is happy to help parents find businesses and services to ensure their children are happy, healthy, and safe.

March features: Exceptional Children, Exceptional Kids Guide, Summer Camps.


Help your son or daughter discover a healthier lifestyle. Now’s the time to sign your child up for a sports or fitness class. 

April features: Fit Kids Guide, Summer Camps


The outdoors is calling! Discover the therapeutic effects of nature as you hike, kayak, ride a horse, or climb a tree. Pick up our May issue for suggestions to get your kids away from their screens and out in the world with our Adventure Guide.

May features: Outdoors, Adventure Guide, Summer Camps.


Explore clean living options in our Natural Family issue. Learn about eco-friendly businesses and services in our Green Guide.

June features: Natural Family, Green Guide, Summer Camps


Don’t delay. Ensure you and your family make the most of summer fun before it’s too late. Check out our guide to cool places to chill during this steamy month! Plus, we’re kicking off our Pre-K/Private School Guide to help you choose the right school for your child.

July features: Summer Fun, Pre-K/Private School Guide


Believe it or not, it’s time to think about heading back to school!  Find out how your children can prepare for a new school year and learn about exciting after-school programs.

August features: Back to School, Pre-K/Private School Guide, After-School Guide.


Kids need art. Browse local kid-friendly art programs that allow your child’s creativity to flourish—from music to dance to art. 

September features: Arts & Family, Arts & Fun Guide


Flu season is here. Keep your family healthy and find specialists for all your child’s needs in this issue. Plus plan some family outings this fall with our Fall Fun Guide.

October features: Children’s Health, Kids’ Wellness Guide, Fall Fun Guide.


Dining out with kids doesn’t have to be difficult! Find the perfect restaurant to make your family dinner reservations in our Kid-Friendly Dining Guide this month.

November features: Food & Family, Kid-Friendly Dining Guide, Holiday Fun Guide.


’Tis the season. School may be out for the holidays, but count on us to keep you up-to-date on all your educational needs.

December features: Education, Pre-K/Private School Guide, Parents’ Night Out Guide.


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