Editorial Calendar


Work/Life Balance - Make sure this is your family’s best year ever. Learn to balance work and family so everyone benefits, including you!

January features: Pre-K/Private School Guide; Jobs+ Career Guide; Women in Business (WIB)


Family Health - Discover the best local care for your family. 

February features: Birth & Baby Guide; Well-Being Guide; Women in Health (WIH); Valentine's Day


Home & Family - Discover ways to make your home and garden more family-friendly. Plus tips for decorating and outdoor entertaining.

March features: Summer Camp Guide; Family Resource Guide; Spring Arts Guide


Arts & Community - Celebrate the arts with this inspiring issue. Discover arts opportunities for the whole family.

April features: Summer Camp Guide; Spring Arts Guide; Women in Real Estate


Outdoors - The outdoors is calling! Discover the therapeutic effects of nature as you hike, kayak, ride a horse, or climb a tree. Explore the world with our Adventure Guide.

May features: Summer Camp Guide; Adventure Guide; Farmers' Market Guide; Mother's Day


Sports & Fitness - Help your son or daughter discover a healthier lifestyle. Now’s the time to sign your child up for a sports or fitness class. 

June features: Summer Camp Guide; Fit Family Guide; Farmers' Market Guide; WIH


Local Living - Discover fresh produce in our Farmer's Market Guide. Plus, we’re kicking off our Pre-K/Private School Guide to help you choose the right school for your child.

July features: Pre-K/Private School Guide; Summer Camp Guide; Farmers' Market Guide, WIB


Back to School - Find out how your children can prepare for a new school year and learn about exciting after-school programs.

August features: Pre-K/Private School Guide; Enrichment Guide; Jobs + Career Guide


Arts & Technology - Learn about local opportunities for kid-friendly art and technology programs that allow your child to flourish—and prepare him or her for a successful future. 

September features: S.T.E.A.M. Guide; Fall Fun Guide; Fall Arts Guide


Healthy Living - Keep your family healthy and find specialists for all your child’s needs in this issue. Plus plan some family outings this fall with our Fall Fun Guide.

October features: Kids' Wellness Guide; Fall Fun Guide; Women's Wellness Guide + WIH


Special Needs - Exceptional children have special needs, and Tidewater Family Plus is happy to help parents find businesses and services to ensure their children are happy, healthy, and safe.

November features: Special Needs Guide; Holiday Fun Guide; Women in Real Estate


Education - School may be out for the holidays, but count on us to keep you up-to-date on all your educational needs.

December features: Pre-K/Private School Guide; Holiday Fun Guide; Mind/Body/Spirit Guide


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