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Welcome to Tidewater Family Plus!

Our new magazine is bigger and better than ever!

Our new magazine is bigger and better than ever!

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Encounters with Art

Art is a natural part of our world. Explore art with your ch... Read more

Are Your Kids Caffeinated?

Find out why caffeine and kids don’t mix. Read more

Chatting About Online Safety

Nowadays kids of all ages are connecting with friends and fa... Read more

Why Yoga is Good for Kids

Little Cecilia Kocan, age 5, sat perfectly still, meditating... Read more

Saddle up for Adventure

Hands forward, knees bent, and ready to go, 12-year-old A.J... Read more

Family + Sports = Fun

Fitness starts early—from a child’s first steps! When Mom an... Read more

Enchanting Puerto Rico

Sometimes light, sometimes a little more intense, the warm r... Read more

Nuts About Nuts

Holiday vacation time is approaching, and I already feel lik... Read more

The Dirt on Dirt

“Don’t track mud in the house!” “Wash your hands before din... Read more

Hit the Slopes in Canaan Vall…

Skiing is challenging for me, but my kids absolutely love it... Read more

Changing for the Better

Early on a recent Sunday morning near Kids’ Cove at Mount Tr... Read more

A Salute to Special Olympics

Last December Cierra Winn swept her long chestnut hair over ... Read more

Reeling in Summer Fun

The sun shimmers on the water, glinting on a thin fishing li... Read more

Pop Over to London

As Americans we are linked to Britain in many ways, includin... Read more

Growing Up Gardening

Finding time to play outside is a challenge for today’s chil... Read more

Chasing the Future

Four-year-old Andrew Davis eagerly ran inside his house afte... Read more

Why Manners Matter

Start your children on the right foot by teaching them manne... Read more

Zits for Grown-Ups

Cafeteria cliques may be a distant memory, but if you’re sti... Read more

Put an End to Bullying

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged ... Read more

Walking the Middle Path

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a relatively new appro... Read more

Take a Hike!

A quiet trail winds among towering trees behind Chesapeake A... Read more

Cozy Mystic, Connecticut

The first time I saw a beluga whale, he smiled at me and win... Read more

Doulas on Duty

You’re a few months along in your pregnancy and beginning to... Read more

Getting Better with Art

The inpatient playroom at the Children’s Hospital of the Kin... Read more

Make Sleep a Priority

  Parents often use bedtime stories and other peaceful... Read more

TF Health: Your Kids & You

Emotional Maturity

04-01-2021 Health

Seek the company of people who are emotionally mature. Here’s why. Read more

The Kids Are Not All Right

04-01-2021 Behavior

Ensure your children are dealing with current stress levels with these key tips. Read more

April is Sexual Assault Awarenes…

04-01-2021 Health

What to do if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted. Read more

Caffeine Q&A

04-01-2021 Nutrition

How much caffeine is too much? Find out here. Read more

Having The Talk with Your Pretee…

03-01-2021 Growing Up

Learn the right time to talk about puberty with your children. Read more

Struggling with Forgiveness

03-01-2021 Behavior

Teaser: How can you turn your anger at someone into a positive experience? Read more

Oral Contraceptive Options

03-01-2021 Health

Learn the difference between the combination pill and the mini pill. Read more

About Infant Formula

02-01-2021 Nutrition

While breast is best, formula is a safe, nutritionally balanced alternative. Read more

Setting Covid Limits

02-01-2021 Health

Why the pandemic can be a useful way to reinforce our boundaries. Read more

Advances in Mammography

02-01-2021 Health

Learn why mammograms are becoming better screening tools. Read more

Youth Suicide: The Silent Epidem…

01-01-2021 Behavior

Don’t let this epidemic claim another life. Here’s how you can help. Read more

Run, Family, Run

01-01-2021 Fitness

Running is a fun family activity and has loads of benefits. Here’s how to get started. Read more

Could it be Strep Throat?

01-01-2021 Health

Is it just a sore throat or something serious? Read further to learn more. Read more

Approaching Problems

01-01-2021 Health

Most people don’t welcome problems, but here’s why you shouldn’t resist them. Read more

Update: Pregnancy & COVID

01-01-2021 Health

Learn the latest on how COVID-19 can affect your pregnancy and newborn. Read more

The Greatest Gift

12-01-2020 Health

Cultivating self-awareness is key to managing life. Read more

TF Travel: Let's Go

Cancun Rhythms

04-01-2021 World Travel

Discover this soul-stirring corner of Mexico. Read more

Travel Trends for 2021

03-01-2021 United States Travel

Everyone’s anxious to travel again. Here’s what to expect in 2021. Read more

Exploring Florida's Wild Side

02-01-2021 United States Travel

Discover another side to Florida where cowboys and cowgirls rule! Read more

The Birthplace of Ikea

01-01-2021 European Travel

Take a trip to the forests of Sweden where this iconic brand was born. Read more

Irresistible New Orleans

12-01-2020 United States Travel

Fling away your cares and treat yourself to NOLA this holiday season. Read more

Find Your Happy in Charlottesvil…

11-01-2020 United States Travel

Escape from the new normal for some good times in Charlottesville. Read more

Let's Go Hiking

10-01-2020 Day Trips

Here are five family-friendly hikes to check off this fall. Read more

Vacation in Your Backyard

09-01-2020 Day Trips

Itching to travel? You can. Just head for the beach, where tons of fun awaits! Read more

Set Sail for Annapolis

08-01-2020 United States Travel

Escape to this nearby gem of a town!  Read more

Cook Islands: Part Two

07-01-2020 World Travel

Discover this dreamy destination. Read more

Cook Islands: Paradise & Mor…

06-01-2020 World Travel

Discover a new way of seeing in this tropical island paradise. Read more

Amazing Albuquerque

05-01-2020 United States Travel

Take a hot-air balloon ride, ride a horse, and discover the Southwest. Read more

Grenada: The Spice Isle

04-01-2020 World Travel

Spice up your life at this gorgeous Caribbean island. Read more

Welcome to Shangrila

03-01-2020 Day Trips

Get a taste of the Old West at Virginia Guest Ranch. Read more

A Texas-Sized Vacation

02-01-2020 United States Travel

Use this guide to map out some must-sees in San Antonio. Read more

Skiing at Seven Springs

01-01-2020 United States Travel

In the Laurel Highlands, you’ll find heavenly skiing and an alpine vibe—perfect for fami... Read more

TF Fun: Explore Your World

Meet Tim Ritter with FFX

04-01-2021 Arts

Get to know the owner of Virginia Beach’s newest family fun experience. Read more

Pre-K Tips for Learning at Home

04-01-2021 Enrichment

Learn key strategies for giving your child a head start for school. Read more

Raising Art-Smart Kids

04-01-2021 Enrichment

These artsy ideas will help your child think creatively and more! Read more

Birdwatching for Families

03-01-2021 Nature

This low-cost family activity is tons of fun. Check out these birdwatching tips! Read more

Parent Tips

The Cookie Jar

04-01-2021 Take Five

Find out the best ways to deal with your stress. Read more

Design Dreams

03-01-2021 Take Five

Talk about Careers with your kids and teach them to Dream Big! Read more

Talking Trees

02-01-2021 Take Five

Listen to the trees and discover what nature is trying to tell us.  Read more

Be Kind

01-01-2021 Take Five

Here’s how you can make our country stronger and better. Read more